My purpose

First, my first listening of “Coaching with Brooke” was more icing on my cake – sugarfree, of course. Not that I needed any more proof of how dedicated to your program you are. Wickedly awesome! I have struggled my entire life with “what do I want to be when I grow up?” Now in my mid-60s and retired, I continue to search for my purpose. I have informally coached/counseled RN students to success, both those with backgrounds of “your not good enough” and those with diagnoses of ADHD and their community’s condemnation of anyone different keeps them in the closet.
My currently outlined purpose is “I want to share my skill sets in being a disruptive innovator. Is this too broad?
And finally, while listening to yesterday’s session, I got the impreesion that certification is not needed to practice your purpose. Did I misunderstand? This comes from a past encounter with an ADHD coach responding to my post about coaching students. How did I get off counseling ( AKA coaching) without credentials? My response was snarky 😏. I guessed my RN license and two Master’s degrees might suffice, but I noted that many certified folks get a bit ansy when working with healthcare peeps.
Okay…your turn🙂. Thank you ahead of time for your very valued insights. Ann