My purpose

Hello coaches,

I just did the first week assignment for this month and was wondering if my purpose isn’t too vague compared to examples that Brooke gives in the booklet (I want to love, I want to create art,I want to build a school, etc)

Mine is: Pay close attention to the little voice in my head and do as it says. Even if I don’t like what it says (too scary, too challenging, unrealistic).

I’m asking because I have a hard time doing the daily work when I use that purpose, especially the models on a thought that feels like an obstacle. I don’t see how I can come up with a different model each day based on this purpose.

Today for example, my obstacle thought is: ” listening to my instinct will maybe lead me to disasters”. I expect other obstacle thoughts will only be variants of this one (I shouldn’t trust my instincts, others know better than I do, etc.)

I’m not sure that I understand where finding our purpose is supposed to take us.

Thank you for your help!