My Purpose?

Each day that I do the Purpose homework I find the second part “Brainstorming ideas, possibilities, etc.” difficult to complete. I’m pretty certain it’s because I keep changing my purpose. Can you help me? I have a number of “purpose” ideas and I’m continuing to struggle with deciding which one I should focus on now. I first said that “my purpose is to live into integrity with myself every day” because I know that if I do that, it will help me meet my other goals. But, after the study hall, I feel as though my purpose is too broad and then I changed it to my business purpose because if I focus on that I feel as though it will spill into my other areas. So, I then moved to “My purpose is to make 100k by helping women realize that they are significant even without children and that they have control over their present and future and it can be amazing” but then I keep saying that I need to get my weight under control which has been a story I’ve been telling myself for 35 years and thought, maybe this should be my purpose first. “My purpose is to love myself where I am and during my journey to get to my ideal weight” I’m learning that I can easily stay in a place of confusion and I’m almost certain it’s a buffering habit that goes along with my other buffering habits of eating, scrolling, chatting, researching, being overwhelmed…that I am actively working at. But, I can definitely tell that I am staying in this place of confusion with my purpose. Thank you!