My Purpose

This year I listened to the podcast and I’ve just joined scholars. Thank you Brooke for inspiring me to live in the future and for helping me find my purpose. I felt like such a failure in life I had stopped achieving new things and turning 40 next June all was lost.

I’ve followed my interests to find my purpose, I’m exploring pregnancy yoga as it made a huge impact on me and enabled me to have 2 positive births. I will explore parental coaching as I want to help others with this and be a more connected parent, then I want to help my kids and other kids to grow up managing their minds and emotions. So much to look forward to. It’s all planned out. So now I just need to focus on 2020 and the impossible goal to start this journey. THANK YOU so much for changing my life.

Here are all my goals to 2023.

Impossible goal 2020 _ show up at work. This will teach me to fail, end my anxiety at work, improve my relationships with colleagues and increase my performance.

2020 _ research and set up yoga homeless project. Get it funded. Pilot in April. first group set up in June. First group teaching 12 people by September.

Oct 2020 train as pregancy yoga instructor. Finishes in Nov. Find venues, advertise. Start 2 classes Jan 2021. By March making a profit by April 12 women attending each class

2021 _ join Tribe parental coaching by this is momma life. Life coach school certified coach Andee Martineau

Mid 2021 _ train to teach mum and baby yoga and kids yoga and mindfulness classes.

Youngest child starts school Sept 2021

April to July research and set up classes for Sept 2021. 2x mums and baby yoga classes. One after school club mindless and yoga for kids.
Dec 2021 making profit on all 3 classes. 12 women taking part and 12 kids.

2022 train as a coach

2023 quit part time job. Focus on yoga, mindfulness/emotions and coaching. 1 to 1 coaching particularly for women preparing for birth, new mums, mums generally, women returning to work after mat leave, those wanting to feel better.