My purpose

As one of your older students, I was aware and agree we do not need to accomplish some “grand thing” to earn our way in this world. I also know that my purpose has changed many times as an adult. Purposes are not fixed. So, I looked forward to this month to figure out what the heck I am supposed to do with my remaining time. What is my purpose in life as I approach 70? What do I want for my remaining years? Thinking about this (knowing I never had to earn my way in life) I realize my purpose is important, but simple. I want to be remembered as a good and loving person to the important people in my life…in this husband, my grandson’s, my children, my friends and my sister and brother and finally my extended family. Putting them in this order helps me think about how I should be spending my days. Am I snapping at my husband? Do I call my daughter often enough? How much do I reach out to be a good friend? I will be able to develop my days with as much as a plan as I used to when I was developing a business years ago. I realized in thinking about this my priority is not “finding something interesting to do with the rest of my life”. I want to have an impact on those people in my life I care the most about. Do I “get it”….or do I need to still work on my purpose? Thanks