My Purpose… A Big Fridge? (but a really pretty, super nice one)

I am loving this month’s content and I am a little stunned and unsure of what to make of my responses to the questions and the self-coaching I’ve been doing.

In the past, life purpose is something I’ve had so much enthusiasm and passion for – and could spend a long time enthusiastically writing about my purpose.

This time around (and I’ve been on this kind of awake, seeker path for as long as I can remember – even as a kid – but especially the last couple decades), I just find I don’t want to think about it that much. I honestly just hear/read yours and think – yep, that sounds awesome, I’ll adopt that pretty much verbatim plus a few tweaks and then let’s just get back to work.

Also, I’ve been at this work of living my purpose and also working to make a living for about 13 years – with marginal success on the financial side. I’m a little worried nowadays when I reach back for my “why” and sometimes don’t feel I’m really connecting anymore enough to caring about helping my clients to live their purpose. I’m embarrassed to say that what is giving me the most boost of energy right now is imagining being able to afford a gorgeous, huge refrigerator – not to mention the house it would go in. I don’t know quite what to make of this – except that it’s kind of funny but also maybe incredibly shallow and selfish and definitely not service-oriented that right now I am not feeling inspired by living my purpose or being an example of what is possible, but that right now I’m getting the most juice from imagining affording super-lux appliances (I’ve had serviceable but small, cramped and not attractive ones for awhile).

I’ve been ploughing through my massive action and believing hard about my R: line – but I’m concerned that I am off track and maybe losing myself given my fixation on the fridge – even if it feels really honest.

Any insights you can offer would be awesome, thank you!