My Purpose- EV

Hey Brooke,

Im really late in the game here but I still made progress even though I started this work the last week of this month.

I’ve definitely been avoiding the work for the past 6 months.

I was sitting there thinking about my life and purpose. And i said to myself “I just want to live my best life, thats it, on my terms- FOR ME” I spent so much time trying to live a life that others would approve of. A life that seemed worthy.

Then I thought well what does living my best life mean for ME?

It means taking care of myself physically and mentally. Having FUN! Not sweating the small stuff. Challenging myself in different areas of my life by setting big goals. Having epic adventures. LOVING HARD. Being kind. Seeing the good in others. Failing for the fun of it. Being courageous and daring. Helpful, thoughtful and inclusive. Living my life doing things that set my soul on fire and make me feel effing good. Feeling all the feels. Someone who reminds herself each day that she is enough exactly as she is.

FOR ME. No one else. Not to prove that my life is a worthy life (cause it already it regardless of what I do).

I thought about this and felt really good about it. Then kinda thought it was selfish and didn’t really say anything about helping others but it does – Because when I’m living my best life, I am contagious, inspiring and an example of what is possible when you live for yourself and let go of the idea of living an “acceptable life”.

My purpose felt broad and kinda overused but when I think of what it means for me, It feels more dialed in.

I want to focus this next month on making money and getting an apartment. I can see how my purpose can fall in line with that and literally every area of my life.

I know there will be challenges as well which is the next worksheet I will be filling out but I wanted to come type this out and get my thought process out there.

So my purpose is to live my best life. <3