My purpose in life. From doing to being.

I’ve been watching Brooke’s intro on this months topic. I was moved by it. Moved like I’m often during a yoga class, when the teacher says “you’re exactly where you have to be, it’s okay how you are right now…”. I felt it physically, in my body.
I know why. because I’m not (yet) at this place where I can say; “I’m worthy as I am, without doing anything or changing anything”. For example; When introducing myself I always mention my profession, where I’m from etc. i’m always aware of my position (wife, mother, owner of a business, friend etc.).

This morning I was brainstorming on my purpose. What I wrote is very diverse; things I want to learn, places I want to live, also more abstract purposes like; being a loving person, being non judgemental, being open for what comes my way.

When I read the purpose of Brooke ‘Being an example of what is possible”, I consider this as a general purpose, I mean it can be applied on whatever she’ll do.

How do I deduct my purpose from my brainstorm?

Thank you!