My Purpose question WP

So right now I’m in between careers I just closed my business and I’m not generating an income my big goal is to make 250,000 but I’m not earning any from my working. I have some money coming in from other sources but it’s passive income ie loss in my family ;( and boyfriend and mom. This months work I put created
My purpose is to live life to the fullest on purpose with love, joy and peace
To Love and be loved deeply and to be a great mom to my son. While l I love my purpose, It’s not helping me to create work or create my new career. I feel creating money should be front of mind for me because I need to make money to live and support myself and son. But i am living my purpose just enjoying my life and loving my people. Also I don’t want to stay with my boyfriend long-term but I am loving him and enjoying what we have now how can I make the transition to focus on my career and possibly leave a relationship that I am happy with but not fully wanting to spend the rest of my life with this person?
Can you help me clarify how to live my purpose that is the enjoyable parts but should I change it to be more directional towards work goals and what I want long term as opposed to present focused… maybe I’m avoiding the hard things?🤷‍♀️