*My purpose – Unintentional thought model vs Intentional thought model

Hi Brooke,

I think now I got the first 3 points of the daily task but now I am struggling with writing every day the unintentional thought model and the Intentional thought model. If I understand right the purpose is the same everyday, so if my purpose is my “C” every day my model wouldn’t change much overtime. Am I missing something?
….And I feel that for this exercise the Unintentional thought model and the Intentional thought model are the same too. Please advise

Here is my Unintentional thought model:
C: Be an example of loving oneself and experiencing life
T: I have learnt a lot about loving myself and I could help other to do the same but people may be interested, or People may not be interested
F: Curious
A: Talk to people to see if they are interested in learning more about unconditionally loving themselves and experiencing live
R: Finding out whether there is interest
Many Thanks