My Quick Experience Doing the Work…

Quick Update: I’m incredibly happy tonight. I’ve been a SCS since March 2017. Quit drinking. On a great eating protocol I love. New business I love. Making decisions from certainty, instead of fear. Choosing my thoughts and emotions. Loving what is.

At first, this work was 2 things: A breakthrough in my thinking AND wonky to implement. I kept falling forward. BUT – at least I was moving FORWARD. I’d get it – THEN realized, I only got Level 1. Then I’d REALLY get it – and look up to see Level 2. All these months in, I’m so far ahead of where I was March 2017 … and I’m starting to go BACK through all of the podcasts from #1 … and I’m now hearing it at a deeper level. What sounds “very cool” is now more “OMG!” … because, for me, the more you peel the onion, the more onion there is to peel.

For anyone thinking your work is wonky, my only advice is to commit with certainty – instead of questioning from fear. SCS has been a tremendous gift for myself, my partner, my daughter, my family … and for the people I now coach … and the more I stay and do the work each day and work on all of the wonderful stuff that bubbles up (endless homework!)… the more freedom I give myself… by realizing I had it all along.

A bit cryptic, I know. But I just wanted to tell ANYONE still in their own early “wonky” stage… stick with it. Do it. All the time. Practice. Ask questions. Attend coaching calls. Be coached. The more you invest of yourself in the process, the more you’ll get back out. I went all-in… and I’ve gotten more than all back out! 🙂