My real self

I feel like I live in two different personalities.

I have a fairly successful blog and online business. I feel like my online self is who I really am on the inside, but in person, in my real life, I’m socially awkward and very reserved.

I think I’ve led people to think that with my actions. I keep to myself and feel very awkward when people try to talk to me.

For the most part, I’m fine interacting with strangers, unless they are trying to get to know me, then I’m awkward.

I think this is holding me back in my business because I only do things and create products that don’t require personal interaction with me other than through written text, which I’m very good at.

I’m afraid if I include video or live content, my followers will see that awkward part of me and it will lower their opinion of me and hurt my business.

Help! I want to overcome this and be who I truly feel like I am on the inside.

My current model:

C: business
T: I should stick with methods of course delivery that I am good at.
F: confident (but limited)
A: create from a place of comfort
R: successful business that keeps customers at a safe distance.