My relationship with my business coach

One of the relationships I’m working on in May is with my business coach.
She has been late for appointments, cancels or reschedules group calls at different times, doesn’t provide a schedule for calls ahead of time.

My thoughts about her are that she’s inconsistent, her life is a mess, she overshares, how am I supposed to be learn to be more consistent when my business coach isn’t, did I make a mistake hiring her?

That leads to not taking her advice or suggestions seriously, not listening to her when she tries to hold me accountable for action items, etc

In a SCS coaching session, we worked out that perhaps she’s the perfect teacher for me right now, because she’s modeling how I DON’T want to behave or be perceived professionally.

And that was a very useful thought and insight – but I still wonder if I should just adjust my thoughts to make this ok, or if I need to take action and say something to her, because after all I’m paying her for a service?