My self care plans are always the first to go when time is short.

I am currently working away from home for 2 days. I have about 3 hours at night of free time that does not involve work. When I am accessing my future self, I go for a swim, practice yoga for 15 minutes, prepare a nutritious meal for myself, shower and moisturize my skin and watch TV in bed for an hour before going to sleep. But that is not what happens. I instead answer my adult daughter who is asking me for money and feeling annoyed that by now she should be independent. Call my husband because he gets shitty if I don’t check in with him every day. Call my mum who is 84 and unwell. Overeat and go to bed without even taking my make up off or having a shower. There is never enough time for just me. I am feeling resentful in all my relationships. I do love all the people in my life but don’t feel like I can balance a job that requires 10 hours a day, my relationships and self care.