my september goal

So I choose following goal which I want to complete until 1.10.2019
1. having everything furnished the way I want my apartment to be. order everything and set it up
2. making sure I have a cleaning plan and act accordingly to it
3. finding out on how to store everything in my apartment so I can make sure I find everything.

So now I make a plan on what I need to do in order to have reached my goals right?

So it would take me that I go from room to room and really think about what I still need and how I imagined it to look like and then go and look for the things I need and order it
Once they come I need to set up everything.

My obstacle thoughts are:
What if I don’t find what I’m looking for? -> then I will look further. I’ve done it once and I will find some great things again.
It takes so much time -> it takes as much time as you give yourself
I don’t have enough time -> if you plan everything and act according to your plan you have enough time.
It’s hard to plan -> you are a good planer.
My boyfriend isn’t around to make the decisions with me -> ask him when he has time to commit to going shopping for the things we need.

My model right now:
c: my goal is to set everything up in my apartment
t: there is so much to do
f: overwhelmed
a: procrastinate, doing a half-ass job
r: not having the apartment where I want it to be

intentional model:
c: same
t: I’m a good planer I’m gonna rock this!
f: determined and excited
a: start planing and doing
r: imagine how I get everything done and actually do it.

And then when I put everything in my calendar of what I have to do. I also do every evening the questions Brooke has in the booklet.

Is that right?