My Sister Wants To Move to Naples

My older sister (18 years older) lost her son in Nov 2016. She has decided she wants to leave NJ and for some reason has decided that Naples is the place she wants to move. She is divorced and her other child is estranged from her. I am all over the place about this. I don’t want her to move here because I don’t want to be responsible for her and her happiness when she gets here. She’s always been more of negative person, even before the tragedy. I have a very demanding job and I do not have the time to “babysit” her when she gets here and is alone with no one around.

C Sister stated she wants to move to Naples
T I do not want her to move to Naples
F Angry
A Continuously discuss with other family how this is a terrible idea
R Find loads of evidence of why this move is a disaster

C Sister wants to move to Naples
T Sister can move wherever she wants
F Calmer
A Do nothing, continue on with my life and activities as usual
R Sister moving here or not has nothing to do with me