My sister’s child

My sister has coddled her 7 year old child so much that he is behind in school, is having a hard time making friends, he is difficult for teachers to teach, he can’t feed himself, he won’t follow directions, he can’t tie his own shoes, and has many other developmental and behavioral issues. I get so angry at her and continually say “why are you doing this to him?” I think about how very sad this is all the time. I don’t even know where to begin with the model and what feelings I need to model. (And obviously my sister won’t talk to me about any of it anymore because I get so mad at her.) I feel terrible about it all the time and don’t know how to change my actions.

C – Sister’s kid is hard for everyone to deal with
T – She is ruining his life
F – anger
A – yelling and shaming
R – she won’t talk to me

C –
T – He’ll be just fine?
F – compassion ?
A –
R –