My Son

So first, thank you for Scholars and the podcasts, I joined in December and I am feeling helped and changed in EVERY area of my mind and life!

My question is I would love to be a Life Coach and help others. My son is a lot like me very discerning and in tune to others and he tries to keep everyone happy with no drama or upset (tough job!) He has a 5-year-old daughter and he is not in a relationship with the mom (they are respectful to each other and agree to put daughter first )

My son wants her to be close to us as a family and it’s very important to him. My husband and I have embraced her and include her and treat her as a member of the family, however, her moods are difficult to navigate. She is not good with my son’s daughter at all and we want to help her through that.

My son is then put in the middle of not wanting me judging his girlfriend for how she is with his daughter, with wanting to enjoy his daughter (he only gets her once a week) and juggling his girlfriend being shut down quiet and she says she can’t handle crying or whining, hmmmm interesting.

So my son says to me the next day when he is dealing with more of him being in the middle occurs, “Mom, I feel such anger inside something is wrong with me I don’t feel like me like I don’t want to do anything I don’t want to get out of bed I don’t want to work or do anything at all in life, I don’t feel right”.

I know it’s his thoughts and trying to keep everyone happy and yet I couldn’t think of the questions to ask him other than what are you thinking to cause the anger and he gets upset and says I don’t know. Can you help me with what questions to ask?

How can I put them in models to get him to be aware of what he is thinking and to allow it? Can you give me a few examples? I have gotten so much freedom from feeling out of control and stress from allowing my feelings I want to help him. Thank You