My son at his dad’s models

My son has ADHD and didn’t go to his father’s for 2 months because his father just had a new born and didn’t allow any noise around, which I completely understand is impossible for our son not to do. His brother and I are exhausted from dealing with him and tonight he called his father to go over there. The nurse at the psychiatric hospital told me this morning that he shouldn’t go to his father’s because he won’t be able to bear the environment.

Here are my models. Could you give me some help with them?

C: Son is gone to his father’s tonight
T: I’m incapable
F: Inadequate
A : Allowing my F and processing it

While processing, I found out that underneath the inadequate feeling I was feeling sadness so I processed it. By the way, is crying reacting or is it possible it’s processing? I felt a deep grey weight in my throat, my solar plexus tense, my chest tense, my cheeks heavy, and some tears.

Then my IM
C : Son is gone to his father’s tonight
T: I’m going to be able to rest
F: Relieved
A: Resting; Using this time to relax, to rest, to study, and to be able to focus
R I create relaxed state to do what I want to do

Could you tell me if these models are ok and how could they be improved? Thank you!