My son is getting married and I am learning the model.

You have been most helpful through this process! I’m trying again on my model for — my son is getting married!

Unintentional model:
C: My son is getting married.
T: He doesn’t seem to want to get married.
F: Worried
A: hold back, don’t want to help in something he’s not ready for
R: Strange interactions with my son and his fiancée

Intentional Model
C: My son is getting married.
T: My son lives his life
F: content
A: Participate as I want in the wedding preparations
R: Peaceful – at least less worried

Please let me know if I’m getting the model right. By continuing to work on this, and by receiving coaching. I realized that in the T line, I wanted Jake to do something to make me feel better. I gave my coach 4 things that he needed to do. My coach reminded me that the T line is where my thoughts go, not actions that my son should do. That was a big AH-HA moment for me. I am becoming a better person because of this, I can feel it each and every day. 🙂

Thank you in advance.