My son.

Hi Brooke, I have a 16 years old boy who is socially awkward, he wants to have friends and be more social but he doesn’t know how to, and I don’t know either, I’m an introvert and I work at home alone and I like it that way. My husband is a social butterfly and where ever he goes he finds friends, he just has something with people that everyone loves him, sometimes in a creepy way and my son admires him and wants to be like him, my husband tries to tell him what to do, teach him how to act, what to post on social media, etc, but it doesn’t work for him because is not his personality, and he feels even worst, he feels like he is weir, unloved and alone (this are his words). The sad part is that he’s a good looking boy, tall, athletic on shape, he is a district champion on wrestling, very artistic loves graphic designs and it’s very good at it. How can I help him, it breaks my heart seeing him like that. I think is good that he shares his thought with me instead of being just in his head, but I wish I can do or say something that will help him.
Thank for all the help you provide.