My Son’s SAT Journey

My son has been taking his SAT in December. I have enrolled him in courses that I felt were best to prepare him. I am very concerned since his scores haven’t gone up since the last time he took it.

Here is what I notice when the classes are going on (they are virtual)
-he keeps saying I know this
– says this is boring

This makes me feel he is not focused, working his full potential, and when I speak to him about his practice score I get upset, he is disheartened and feels we don’t think he cares about his work, he is not sad about his score and so on.

I am so lost in my own thoughts that I am not able to support him during this time. Instead of encouraging him to do better, I am sending a message that he is not capable, he is not doing his best or cares about his work.

I would love a better perspective on this situation.