My spouse’s depression is taking a toll on our marriage

I have no doubt that my husband loves me and wants to be in this marriage, and I feel the same. The problem is that he has been severely depressed for years and doesn’t think therapy will help him. At this point, it’s taken a huge toll on our relationship- an emotional affair, say goodbye sex life, and general toxic negativity.

I have been able to overcome my emotional issues that were a result and have taken charge of my life to create the stability and happiness I need. However we are stuck in the marriage. I’m ready for kids and want sex and above all else a happy healthy husband.

Obviously he is not happy, he wants to be happy, he knows he’s depressed. Beyond loving him and having patience, how can I help him take action? He says he wants to feel better, he’s just so stuck in the mindset that it’s hopeless and a victim of circumstances.