my struggle with the model

I have just started the life coach program and learning to apply the model.

Let me start with a context to explain the question better:

Humans can think because they have language. Humans can remember stuff because they have the language that was used to cause the emotion. Our memories are all just words (thoughts) mixed with emotions. Little humans (babies) do not remember stuff because it takes them a few years to acquire the language. Every time we use words, we think. Every sentence and every word we produce out loud or in our heads is a thought.

Now in the model we need to describe circumstances, thoughts, feelings and results. The problem here is that they are all just thoughts. Even when I use a proper way to frame circumstance, such as “My wife says: “Go to Brooke with your smart questions and leave me alone”, it is still a thought, because I used the words to describe it.

So in fact in the model we are just differentiating one thought from another based on their quality/source. And if this is true, how the model is better to direct observation of the thought and disidentification from the ego* ?

*using Eckhart Tolle’s terminology here