my thought for march

Hi everybody!! this month is gonna be great!
So I’m thinking about a sentence because i want to improve my thoughts about my relationship.
i know we all have negative thoughts but i still put too much meaning into them, which brings my panic and anxiety.

So what i want to think is:
I adore my boyfriend, he is a cool, secure, sexy guy, who I see as fully grown and secure man and feel attracted to.

My negative thoughts already came up as he has right now send me a pic of him and his new work friends and this comes up:

I can not take him serious, cause in my mind he is still the (Socially) awkward, the other guys are cooler and more secure than him. he’s just a tag along guy.

Sorry, it sounds like i’m the worst gf. I do love him but because of how he saw and acted in the past I adapted some thought patterns. Just trying not to believe them and hopefully getting rid of them!! 🙂