My thoughts about me

I am loving the how to enjoy being you work. Brooke’s workshop about it completely hit me at just the right moment yesterday, and it shifted everything for me.

Can someone look over my model? There are a few actions and results that might be either actions or results and I’d like someone to review. Thanks so much coaches!

C: Me
T: Everything would be easier if I were different and better.
F: Resentful

A: Beat myself up for all my “flaws”
A: Don’t love myself
A: Don’t show myself compassion
A: Judge myself negatively
A: Hand out harsh mental and emotional punishments when I don’t behave/follow the rules
A: Have a long manual for how I should behave
A: Buffer with personal development (different model?)
A: Resent others who naturally have the traits/materialistic things I desire to have in my own life
A: Don’t truly feel love for others – I judge them harshly for struggling with things “that are so easy” for me
A: Manipulate others into complimenting me/Seek external validation and praise from others by pointing out all the “great” things I did or how “awesome I am, that I did that thing”

R: I don’t unconditionally love myself.
R: I don’t unconditionally love others.
R: I disconnect with my authentic self.
R: I disconnect from others (mostly the ones I’m jealous of).
R: I don’t accept my true self.
R: I fuel my personal development results with dirty fuel.
R: I’m afraid of myself/my inner critic/the one who hands out the punishments.
R: I people please others.
R: I people please myself.