My Thoughts About My Business

I am a screenwriter.

I am currently building my work portfolio so I am an unpaid, unrecognized screenwriter in the sense that no one knows my name, not ever seen my work, because no one yet paid to produce anything I’ve written.
In that sense, you could say I don’t have a business.

My brain tells me these are circumstances because I can prove that no one ever paid me or hired me as a screenwriter. And yet I do sense that thinking this way is not useful to me.

I find that I would spend many days taking long walks and sitting in cafes in search for inspiration and the muse and while it may have worked for poets and writers back in the day in Paris, this state of mind produces very little work on my part.

And so I started questioning what I think about my screenwriting business, even if it’s non-existent at the moment and found these thoughts:

— I can always start writing tomorrow
— There’s no rush
— I need more time
— I don’t have the story fully fleshed out in my head
— It needs to come organically to me
— You can’t rush creativity

So, after writing these down I was able to see that while at first these thoughts seem like self-care or compassionate towards myself, they have no energy and no boost that I need to get really serious about being able to have a thriving screenwriting business.

I was hoping to get private coaching on that but unfortunately until later next week there are no available sessions.

What would you suggest to start thinking in order to show up as someone who will one day will have a thriving business?