My Thoughts About Others

I get really sad or worried when people I know don’t respond to me the way they “normally” do. For example, the other moms at children’s school that I know and have hung out with socially. Now, one of them is super weird with me – seems to avoid me, doesn’t engage, etc. where she used to be very friendly. This woman in particular, I’ve sent her messages and she has not responded.

I understand that her behavior is independent of me and I can choose how to think about it. I feel it pulls me into an old behavior from my younger years where I feel totally inadequate. It bothers me because I did think she was a blooming friendship and now am wondering if I did something to upset her. Here are my models:


C: Friendship with H
T: what did I do so that she doesn’t speak to me?
F: rejected
A: say hi and try to move always as fast as possible
R: I have Mind drama.


C: friendship with H
T: I know she had a lot going on and doesn’t appear to be up to a chat
F: neutral
A: say hi, smile and act normal until my child is ready to go
R: I don’t have additional thoughts about it.