my toddler brain needs advice :)

How do I train my toddler brain to not react to situations, and actually slow down before reacting? I keep thinking so many of my models wouldn’t even be necessary if I could just not react so much… These are my models I did about this situation from yesterday.

UM (this is how it played out when I just reacted)
C – my tenant called me
T – I am frustrated when you call me to compain
F – annoyed
A – react when speaking with her (and it wasn’t as calm and friendly as it should have been)
R – She was super angry, and I now feeling shame.

C – My tenant called me
T – How can I feel compassion for her?
F – empowered
A – tell her I’ll do my best to come up with solutions
R – if you ask a good question, you get a good answer…I’ll find a good solution because I’m only searching for good solutions

Am I doing these models correctly? I want to be the best owner of my business that I can be. I keep reminding myself about the 50/50 but in the “moment” its very hard to always respond appropriately to my tenants and then I feel shame. I allow myself to feel the shame but its not super fun…at all 🙂