My two new BFFs :)

Hi coaches!

I am on my 7th consecutive day of self-coaching (started January early) and have noticed a pattern. The two predominate emotions that I seem to come up for me most of the time are stress and boredom. They stem from many different thoughts – from thoughts around work, to my family/teens, to my personal life. After doing many unintentional models, I realized that I often buffer when I feel these two emotions under the surface and end up overeating. Identifying these two emotions specifically through self-coaching daily has made me see that these are the two feelings that I need to allow regularly.

So… meet “Stress” and “Boredom” – my two new BFFs that I am getting re-acquainted with and allowing into my world instead of resisting them. It’s so interesting to see how often they try to come visit with me and how I try to push them out every day (with food or “pretty thoughts) instead of allowing them to stay awhile! I have been a scholar for over a year now and was skeptical of January’s topic bc it seemed too basic but I have loved this month so far because it’s so simple and straightforward!