my two working areas 2.0

thanks for your answer!
so for the first part concerning my friend for whome i made an offer for her vacation:
i think i’m more concerned what she would think of me if i told her that she has to give me some money. It wouldn’t feel so good because she is a friend. And friends do nice things for each other. plus i want to be that friend that is generous and lovely.
but if its not worth it being generous and nice like being appreciated for that i always end up thinking i should have done it otherwise because i would have gotten more out of it FOR ME!
I think i’m pretty egoistic…

plus what do you suggest i do about my money problem?
like i feel really stressed when i think about when the bill is coming at the restaurant.
i want to hold on to my budget plan
but i don’t want to be that thrifty person who looks at every penny.
you know what i mean?

thanks so much