My VERY FIRST assignment in Self Coaching Scholars! My Question is simply: Am I doing this correctly? Thanks! I would love some feedback…thanks!

From the Daily Homework in July: Create two contrasting models and compare them.
Unintentional Thought Pattern:
C: I did not wake up early enough to get everything done.
T: I didn’t plan my morning well. This continually happens to me.
F: Frustrated with myself. Regret.
A: I rushed to get things done. I had a stop to make on the way to friend’s house.
R: I was late getting over to the friend’s house
Intentional Thought Pattern:
C: Same as above
T: It was great that I asked my daughter to help me prepare the salad.
F: Thankful for the help, less stressed (even though I knew we would be late)
A: I thanked Emily for her help with the salad
R: I felt grateful and relieved that the salad was done and I think that Emily felt useful and appreciated.