My why is not strong enough

I don’t think my why is strong enough because I often give up on my goals.

I want to make money in a business, preferably selling jewelry.

My whys are:
– I want to make $20,000 per year to fly first class for all my international flights
– I want to buy a house
– It would be fun to sell jewelry just because it’s an idea I wanted to do

We can afford a house just on my husband’s salary. I go back and forth on the first class flights – sometimes when things get tough, I say I don’t really need them (I really don’t). And sometimes I motivate myself with those first class flights.

The third why is also good but not that strong. It’s about fulfilling my life’s desires. I had an idea, and now I’m pursuing it.

But I still give up on my goal because it seems too hard and unattainable.

Would love to hear your advice.