My zone of genius

Hello Brooke!!!
So I had a huge breakthrough today as I was answering some questions regarding what I would want my business to look like if I could dream crazy big. I am a hairstylist and I wrote down that I would absolutely love to train stylists to manage their mind, be a life coach just for them. This thought lit me up like nothing else before and I’m absolutely beaming. My impossible goal this year is to make $60 K in my business as I am currently rebuilding my clientele after a move. I have been building my clientele for a year now and am not fully booked yet. I have never been a totally confident stylist and am dedicating myself this year to becoming confident and fully booked. However, I have always known that I am meant to be a mentor or leader in some capacity and never knew how that would manifest but I feel as though this may be it! I always thought I wanted to own my own hair salon but now I’m not so sure. On a side note, I had the most amazing experience with one of my clients who is very into the mind and how it functions. She has been my client for ahile now and because I have been getting more and more into this work we had the most amazing time. She was in at the end of my day and I double booked her around someone else so that usually means I am DONE!! But I was invigorated and I totally felt in the zone with her, and my cutting skills seemed to increase as I was doing her hair (my cutting skills are not my best asset as a hairstylist). It seems as though whenever I have a client who wants to talk about this stuff, I just want to stop what I’m doing and keep talking. What does this mean?? I may be indulging in confusion here but I’m thinking I should keep building my clientele to become a better hairstylist and keep managing my own mind to be able to help others manage theirs. It’s like I want to manage my own mind even more now because I feel this is my true purpose. I want this to be my goal and am looking for a bit of feedback. Thanks Brooke!!