Myself and my Results


I am realizing that I attach my self-worth to my results, in life and in work.

I am so concerned about what people think about my work which I put out into the world, I hide behind my work and my work has become my identity.  But I think this has gotten me stuck, as I’m not being brave and doing new things, and when I do, I’m so concerned about what people will think and say.  And intellectually I know I have no control over what people think, yet I am still worried about it.

I’m not doing things for the process, I’m doing it for the result, the praise and the likes.  Which I know means nothing and leaves me chasing the dragon.

How do I work on detaching my self-worth from my results? I feel conflicted because I’m saying I don’t want to attach my self-worth to my results, but I get scared that if I stop feeling attached to my results, I won’t work hard enough, because I wont care enough about it, as I’m not getting the ‘hit’ or the ego boost that I crave.

Thank you.