Name Change contemplations

Hi Brooke,
Because I’ve disliked my name since I was five (that was a looooong time ago, I’m in my 40s,) and because about every fourth new person I meet says,”Hum…You don’t seem like that’d be your name” (I kid you not,) and because I’ve always thought that my birth name was not “me” at all, I’ve been wanting to legally change my name for years upon years.

I’m stuck in not being able to do it.

My thoughts surrounding this paralysis have to do with:

*choosing the right name, which in-turn affects my whole affect/vibration/identity (a lot more difficult just making a decision on where to go on vacation for Spring Break, or what to cook for dinner…or is it??–what am I making it all mean that’s more than it actually means??) I’ve had names that I’ve liked over the years, but how to choose THE ONE, I don’t know. I’d like to figure out how TO KNOW. I think the answers are within, and in my communication with source, yet I don’t know definitively how to access the channel and tune-in–or perhaps how to trust the answers I get.

*I’ve thought some about what people will think…what my three teenagers will say, etc., but I really think that if I chose the right name that I totally love and embody, I can hold all of that tension there and deal with all of that pushback with ease. I’m very self-assured and confident, with a God-given gift for woo, so I know that as long as I can think & feel solid (all created by my thoughts, I know) in my choice, and my reasons, nothing can touch me in any field of negativity on that front. But again, how to choose THE NAME.

*My mother passed away 20 years ago, my father is an estranged sociopath whom I pray for but have no contact with, and I’m an only child. This is, therefore, not something I can discuss with family. My thinking and my heart tells me that I’d like to have my mother’s buy-in on my new name. I can pray and tap-into consciousness here, which I think all hinges on being able to choose the name for me, and then communicate with her through prayer. Regardless, thoughts of my mother, who named me, definitely come up for me on this decision.

*In my research, I’ve gleaned that it’s wise to discuss the name choice with one’s nearest and dearest. I haven’t discussed it with anyone bc I don’t think that there’s anyone in my life who is in a position to offer useful counsel or sounding board help, so I’m the solo captain of this ship–which– in many ways I _should_ be, and yet making this decision from only my own brain seems a little crazy even though it really is only about me.

I need to excavate my own answers. The time is now. I think I’m on a precipice here where I’ve been wanting intensely to find answers for about three years now, and I’m thinking that if I don’t do it soon, I may never do it which just doesn’t seem to be an option. I’m doing it. I want and need to. It’s time for me to pull the trigger and be renewed by all that the making of this big decision embodies.

How does one choose their own new name?

Sending so much love, and thank you in advance.
I discovered you through an Instagram add right after Christmas 2018 and have been bingeing on your podcasts, and then joined February Scholars. Your teachings and paradigms are LIFE CHANGING. I’m so grateful that you were born, and that you chose the path that you did!!