For years I’ve been depressed and used sleeping as a way to cope with depression. Now I’m at evening anxiety. I know If I take a one to two hour nap I’ll be able to stay up later and then function as apposed to going to bed at seven for the night and getting 11 hours of sleep. Help me with my model and thoughts please.

C nap
T I can’t nap because I used to do that when I was depressed
F anxious and shame
A stay awake and go to be early
R miss out on spending time with husband and myself

C nap
T if I nap I’ll feel better
F less anxious
A spend time with self and activities I enjoy
R build mastery

I have generalized anxiety disorder diagnosed. If I nap I can turn down the volume of the anxiety enough that I can function. Napping is not a form of buffering. I am not functional without one.

How do I teach my brain to believe that I can take a nap and not associate it with being depressed? I don’t believe the intentional model yet. How do I get there ?