I have this fear my boyfriend is a narcissist yet all my research shows that he has tendencies (like everyone) but doesn’t have the disorder.

My mum sends me letters about Narcissism and examples of how he is one. She highlights things and prints out pages of notes.

Before I even told her about him, I researched everything I could (I’m a worry wart haha) and came to my conclusion he isn’t one. Him and I speak about it a lot.

But sometimes when he’s vain, the worry comes back. I’m thinking I need to go on a worry diet from this.


C: Boyfriend talks about how obsessed he is with his appearance
T he’s going to show his true colours in the future
F worry
A cry, stay in bed
R disconnected with him? (Not sure of the result)


C same
T I love and am happy with who he is now and that’s all that matters
F love
A affectionate
R love him

That thought helps me. I wonder if I should go on a worry diet for this? My brain is telling me it’s important to always be on edge, looking out for if he’s a narcissist.

I’m an introverted empathetic highly sensitive person who was codependent with my mother. So I know I have the tendency to get narcissistic attention.