Am I at my natural weight? Weight Loss Question from SOE on 7/12/17

I asked if you thought I should be at my natural weight and you told me to tell you more here in ask brooke. I am 27 days into No flour No sugar. I eat fruit, veggies, fat(mainly cheese & cream lately, & cook with olive oil) and proteins. I was at 126lbs and now I am at 123lbs. I’m 5’4 and 32yo. I don’t count calories, I eat 2 meals a day, as much as I want till I’m full, and fast for about 18-19hrs daily. I feel really good, a little tired at times, so I am thinking of cutting out the dairy, but otherwise I feel really good. I fit into my clothes and I’m pretty happy with the way I look. So I would be fine if it is my natural weight. I was just curious because I have only lost 3lbs. But is it possibly that it is just taking my body sometime to adjust before it continues the weight loss? Or too much sugar with the fruit & too much fat?? Curious to hear your thoughts!