Nature vs Nurture

I am working through the impossible goal workbook and have identified a friend of mine who is a very successful coach and as per the guidance I have identified some traits that I believe she has that I need in order to ‘achieve’ my impossible goal. We recently did the DISC profile together and she came out as a high D whereas I am a high C. I have researched both personality types and my brain is now offering me the thought that only people like her with her personality type are successful coaches, and those with my kind of personality (very conscientious) are less likely to success, or possibly rather the thought is I can do it but it will take a lot longer and be much harder and more work for me. This leads me to think about the nature vs nurture. I understand that my thoughts are offering this all to me but I cannot help thinking that my social conditioning has created my personality and ‘me’ who has more mind trash to deal with around success and confidence than someone with a different background and experiences. Some people are ahead of the game so to speak based on their past experiences and even if I am conscious I have the power to change my past or at least how I perceive it I still need to do the work, whereas perhaps others don’t. All feels a bit of an uphill struggle at the minute….