Navigating a new relationship

I’ve been dating a guy for 10 weeks. I have a lot of doubt and insecurity that has come up because I can’t tell how he feels. He isn’t very expressive or communicative. We had a situation the other night when we had talked about him spending the night and then he suddenly decided to leave. I was disappointed because of my thought that he wasn’t staying because he isn’t into me. And he later told me that he was “taken aback” by my reaction. I already felt unsure about where I stood with him and now I feel worse. Some thoughts/feelings I have about this are:
He didn’t stay because he’s not into me – insecure
He is judging my reaction too harshly – annoyed
He was more tolerant with his other girlfriends because he liked them more – insecure
He doesn’t communicate well – frustrated
He thinks I’m too dramatic – uneasy

I really like this guy and he has so much of what I want. I’m scared that I’m going to sabotage things by not managing my mind. I just keep spinning with all of the thought loops.