Navigating feeling judged

Hi coaches,
I’ve been thinking and having a lot of feelings come up about feeling judged. I know part of it is the thoughts that I am having. How do you differentiate your thoughts from reading a room and navigating someone who is trying to make you feel uncomfortable intentionally?

C- the person
T- she is judging me for my life and my decisions
There is probably way too much going on in that and I have cleaned it up to multiple models.

F- uncomfortable, anxious
A – avoidant, distant from people, isolated, can’t share not with her but others as well.
R- anxious, not feeling good enough.

C – same person – has told me that I am selfish and codependent. Judges my relationship.
T – she is calling the kettle back. She talks about me behind my back.
F – hurt, anger
A – isolated
R – sad

My thought download about this person can go on…so many models with the same theme.

Could you please give me direction? I would like to be an emotional adult and I say well it’s all probably true but still having waves of the same feelings.

This unfortunately is not someone I can just cut out of my life. She will be there forever trying to stir the pot and cause tension.

Thank you.