Need a vacation from my brain 😂

Hi ,
I am on a vacation with family and I was worried (until now) that I’m going to not regret not Unwinding and enjoying my vacation.
I just realized this is a THOUGHT.
What happens during my vacation and how I end up spending my 2 week time are just circumstances. I have a background thought – are you having a good time ? Oh if you are not , times running out , you will be back to work ( it’s stressful) and regret that vacation is over.
These thoughts are just creating pressure (for making sure I have a good time) and its just counter productive
Now I know why I may not enjoy my vacation – only if I listen to my brain 😂
Even after the vacation ends , sentences are available to me to describe the vacation in a way that serves me.
C vacation
T make sure you get the best out of it
F scarcity
A pushing away thoughts about vacation getting over and getting back to work. Pretend it’s not there
R I don’t create good time for me

C vacation
T I see my brain is offering thoughts
F awareness
A be curious and kind with the thoughts that brain offers. Take deep breadth
R I separate myself from my thoughts

Can you suggest more thoughts or models to practice ?