Need Air 2

The other response was not quite on par for our situation. Verbal abuse through degrading his family is not acceptable work demeanor and I cannot run a company with such tirades. Additionally, it is hurting our children and their relationship with him and to an extent their relationship with me. It definitely strains our relationship.

C: I’m at work daily with my husband and our kids work here PT and when things don’t go according to the way my husband wants them to (at work or home), he is verbally abusive to us family who is around him – mostly me but also our kids. Former marriage counselor encouraged us to “walk away” when he gets enraged as he is irrational in those times and is unable to speak/discuss things logically. He yells and cuts us down usually telling us how we aren’t doing enough, all work is on him… even though his statements are not accurate.
T: This exposure is damaging for me and my children to be around but we can’t always “leave” the space we’re in; I’m tired of just “letting him vent” – I know he needs to get things out but he does not have the right to diminish our characters in the process when it is completely out of line, nor does he have the right to scream and swear in the front office nor in the shop as it’s bad enough for us to hear let alone any customer, vendor or other who walks into our lobby or shop.
F: Major acid in my esophagus, discouraged
A: Typing this – I work to let him speak uninterrupted so he can get it out most times – out of my love and appreciation that he is frustrated, but when he picks at each of our kids or me b/c he thinks we didn’t do something or a car is causing him issues so he diverts and starts degrading us – I do interject sometimes and remind him of reality. Sometimes I do say – I can appreciate he’s: tired/hot/frustrated…. but you’ve crossed a line and that’s enough and walk away, close a door or encourage him to take a break and leave the shop to clear his mind.
R: I thought we were making improvements as we had talks during his rational moments that his behavior is destructive to our family and himself and suggested he: see a counselor, get meds or other and I explained that throwing/hot-head and belittling was unacceptable for us to be around anymore, but then he blows up and verbally brings us down with him – I think I’m near the end of being subjected to this behavior.