Need for approval continued

Hi Brooke,
I am in a situation that makes me sad and confused, and your response to the previous SCS-er on “interrupting models” is really helpful to me.

You said: “I do want this for my life right now (otherwise I would choose something differently)”. so I am in my current situation by the current choices I am making.

“I always get what I create with my thoughts – I have created this, which means I can create different when I want to”. So I can create new things with new thoughts.

“Find how you created this situation, unknowingly, and what unintentional thoughts brought you here. ”
For my situation, I believe I created my situation because I had thoughts like:
T-I am not allowed to succeed without proof of success already,
T_I must get others approval, or I’ll die
T-unless I am perfect, I am less than others
T-I am not allowed to believe in myself and systematically create a path of growth that will lead to my own success
T-I must prove my capability no matter what
T-when I succeed it is short lived and I must succeed again
It seems to me I have been very focused on one way of living and being, trying to prove my value and worth

For these reasons, I confused myself, and I never committed to what I wanted, and I never planned my life out

“You’ll want to work on those thoughts about yourself and really question them, in order to find thoughts that will enable you to create what you truly want now”

I think what I want to think is:
T-I am choosing the perfect work for me
T-I create a space where I encourage myself to succeed, no matter what;
T-Because I am human, I am imperfect, the same as others
T-I passionately choose to believe in myself and I systematically create a path of growth that will lead to my own success.
T- I know what I want to do next and I am ready to move in that direction.
and maybe
T-The perfect work for me engages my mind and my heart
T-I am learning what success means to me

Does this sound like I am on the right track? Thanks