Need a book coach

Hi Brooke,

I need a book coach. It is in my head, but I need to get it on paper. I want to get a draft ready for a publisher as my September goal! Do you have an SCS coach you can recommend? One that knows the industry? It is a self-help/autobiography, and I think my format idea is great!

Finally, in this book I use some of your thoughts such as “the past is what you believe” and “the truth is what you say it was”. “Which story do you want to believe? Etc. and I’m certain the model will come
into play.
I want to give you credit for these ideas and plan to do so. I still feel it ethical to ask you personally. (Because my thought is you worked hard on your material and should have a say in how it’s distributed) So, may I publish a book using some of your teachings and giving you credit?

PS down 18 lbs and counting!