Need coaching bad. My politics have flipped around COVID-19. And dealing with obstacles that are beyond my control.

My boyfriend and daughter have both tested positive for COVID. I have tested negative twice. None of us are sick! I am not being allowed to work at either of my jobs and I am running out of money to pay bills. My daughter is autistic and has lots of special needs and no one will give us aid services because she tested positive. People I care about are treating me like we’re marked or unclean, like we deserved to catch it or by some moral deficit have gotten what we deserve or worse, Like we’re murderers. My daughter being quarantined but healthy is terrible for all of our mental health. I am suicidal at moments. I am having thoughts like this really is a fascist takeover, and soon we’ll be wearing stars on our arms and be taken off to camps. I refuse to abandon or alienate my family and I feel gaslighted. Please help me to feel better. Ty.