Need help with the result line

Hi Brooke,

Sometimes I don’t see how my T is reflected in the result line.

Here is one example:
Unintentional Thought Pattern
C: Friend’s comment about Women’s March
T: She has got A LOT of F#$@* nerve to complain about the march
F: Rage (to the point of distraction)
A: Don’t express myself but drink off my drink plan later
R: Not present to my family; not part of any productive solution.

Intentional Thought Pattern:
C: Friend’s statement about Women’s March
T: Everyone is entitled to have and express their beliefs; that is what the march was all about
F: Peace
A: Turn my attention to elsewhere
R: Give people room for their beliefs?

1) In the unintentional thought pattern, I don’t see how the result reflects the thought
2) I am not sure if that is really the result for the intentional thought pattern — maybe it is energetically.

Thanks for any insight.