Need Help Understanding The R Line Better – Help With Model

I keep getting hung up on the Result line. I’ve heard that our “A line should be so heavy that the R just falls out of it.” Does this mean that the R line will sometimes even repeat a sentence we wrote down in the A line? Or is the R line always different from what’s in the A line?

I keep getting tripped up on this in my self coaching, and I’m worried I won’t be able to write down a good R line.

Would you please review this model of mine and give me more context on how I can better understand how to pinpoint/see a good R line?

Unintentional Model:

C – My brother in law
T – “I’m afraid of him judging me”
F – Fear
A – I puff up with false confidence, thinking that way he won’t hurt me, I pretend to be more: loving, confident and cool than I actually honestly feel / I defend myself when he comes at me with negative statements
R – I judge me?? (If the R is supposed to reflect the T, this is where I get tripped up…. my T has judgement in it – are my actions clearly demonstrating that I’m judging myself?)

Intentional model:

C – My brother in law
T – “You’re showing me where I can be more compassionate. I choose to be more compassionate for you and me right now.”
F – Compassionate
A – I relax as myself / I relax and let my energy flow powerfully, stable, vibrant and accepting /I feel happy to connect with myself regardless of what brother in law says or does
R – I demonstrate compassion