Need help with a "feeling" of persuaded

Hello coaches! I need some help with a feeling. It’s when my brain is having a thought error about food and I overeat. Even if I’m not hungry, and there’s chicken breast in the fridge, I observe this thought “it’s just protein”, and I’ll eat the chicken. The feeling I describe is “convinced” or “persuaded” to eat that food, but I don’t think those are feelings. Do you have a more accurate feeling?
C Chicken in the fridge and I’m not physically hungry
T It’s just protein
F I “feel” persuaded
A Eat the chicken, don’t listen to my body’s hunger cues
R I lie to myself that it’s “just protein” and doesn’t count, because every thing counts
When I think “it’s just protein”, it feels like I’m an innocent bystander, being convinced and saying yes. Is there another word for this feeling?
Thank you!!!